Psychological Assessments

PsychSystems serves children and adults throughout London6792103703_df1d071516_o

PsychSystems provides psychotherapy services, assessment, psychological testing and other types of behavioral support. We specialize in helping people in the following populations:

  • Developmental Disabilities/Autism
  • Depression, Anxiety and Panic Disorder
  • ADHD coaching

PsychSystems also offers assessment, therapy, consultation, and counseling for many difficulties and concerns of everyday life.

DSC_0129Our Autism program provides either In-home or Center- based ABA services to children and adults at their home or at our Treatment Center in South west London. Our outpatient clinic provides counseling and therapy for individuals, couples, and groups at our offices throughout London

PsychSystems therapists use therapeutic techniques that are the most effective based on the most recent scientific research. We are a COA accredited clinic and take most insurance plans. More information about our services is available here. Please feel free to call to make an appointment, or you can use our e-mail contact form.


PsychSystems offers different types of psychological assessments depending upon the nature of your concerns. Our assessment batteries can include a comprehensive assessment of your cognitive abilities, academic/achievement skills, and adaptive (daily living skills) abilities. We do behavioral assessments for those people with developmental disabilities, including autism, using a functional analysis approach. We screen for problems such as Autism/Asperger’s Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and mental illness.

If you wish to become someone’s guardian, we do guardianship testing required for the court hearing. If you are seeking services from a community mental health agency working with people with developmental disabilities, we do eligibility evaluations.

Based on the results of your testing, we can develop a treatment plan tailored toward the individual’s pattern of strengths and weaknesses as well as identified emotional and behavioral concerns.

Fees: Fees will be based on your individual needs and will be determined during the initial consultation. Most insurances do not cover psychological assessments. If you are in the London area and seeking assessment services please contact us about setting up an appointment

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